The Future of Conferencing

The web as we know it is a little over 20 years old, yet the advances we’ve seen in that short period of time are huge.

From having slow dial-up connections that were cost-prohibitive for most people to start with, to the social networks that have changed the way we connect personally and professionally, it’s almost as if something new is appearing every day to make us re-evaluate how we surf.

Or look at mobile handsets. Back when they first made an appearance in the 80’s, they were the big cumbersome bricks that needed their own separate power pack and briefcase to run. Now, you have all your work and business needs plugged into a handset no bigger than a credit card.

Technology moves fast, and you have to move fast to keep up with it. Conferencing is no different.

We’ve seen a ton of changes in the last few years when it comes to how stable and productive conferencing software and platforms can be.

Of course, having a reliable service provider for your phone or web services definitely helps, but the conferencing part has seen big changes.

From its start as an option to have multiple people on the same phone call, to using video to connect people and then the web to have truly cost-effective international conferencing, the advances that conferencing alone has seen in the last few years have been pretty innovative.

So what will the future hold?

Could we essentially see holodecks for conferencing? Think of the chess game in the original Star Wars, or the alternative reality decks in Star Trek where crew members can escape from the ship’s sterile surroundings.

(And apologies if you’re not a sci-fi fan!).

Wouldn’t it be cool to have all members of your conference connect from wherever they are, but everyone looks to be in attendance because your hologram is being projected? There’s already software available (mainly for education purposes) that sees you placed inside an office surrounding when you call in via video – holograms would be the natural progression.

Or how about (legally) tapping into conference calls that interest you as a sports fan, or a charity supporter, due to your location? If your cell phone is plugged into the GPS system, your location could be used to help you join any topics that are being discussed that you could offer an opinion on.

Obviously this would be most beneficial with conferencing being second nature as opposed to “that business platform”, but that’s where companies like ours are making huge strides in achieving.

Education, and cross-cultural classes and courses are also a big part of where we see the future of conferencing going. Imagine classes all around the world dropping in to listen to the master teacher in a specific field? And auto-translation services make sure everyone’s catered to.

These are exciting times we live in – it’s always amazing to be a part of it, because we know wherever we are now is nothing compared to where we’ll be soon.

Wealthmasters International Review

WMI believes it can market financial education products as a business opportunity. It was started in 2005 by Karl Bessey and Kip Herriage who has 15 years of Wall Street marketing experience.

The company aims to teach you the secrets of ultra wealthy individuals. thry propose to do this through several programs they offer. You can join as a member or as a consultant.

The Gateway Program is entry level and allows you access to the products for $795, but is not a marketing opportunity and does not provide any of the benefits of membership.

In order to benefit from WMI you must invest in at least one of three programs. M1 sells for $1995; it is a course with educational materials, written and audio, which teach you financial analysis in the form of debt management, minimizing taxes, and creating savings.

M2 is a 4 day conference which focuses on financial and personal growth, the cost is $8995.

M3 is called Platinum Plus; it is the private wealth group. It is geared toward those who are financially

established. It is also a conference which features speakers and activities, and takes place at a fashionable resort; the cost is $19,995.

Membership fees provide lifetime access to coaches who are successful businessmen, but in addition, allows you to participate in their Alliance Program. This program is unique in that it is supposed to eliminate all your debt and increase your savings by having you work with a team of financial planners, and by forming business partnerships with leaders in different industries.

The business opportunity in WMI is simply selling memberships. You earn commissions from personal sales, and from those you have sponsored. So in this particular business model you do compete with other members and the company as well.

There is no relationship between the location of the conferences and the company’s ability to fulfill its’ objectives. WMI does not specifically mention any of the methods or techniques that it uses to assist you in becoming wealthy. The most glaring concern is the cost of the M2 and M3 programs which require a significant level of financial achievement before you can participate. And if you have already accomplished this, there are probably other ways of increasing your wealth.

Free Conference Call Recording Services

When you host your conference calls, it is very important to use free conference call recording services to record your important calls. It helps you record all or a parts of your call and save it.

Because when you are having an important talk in the call, there may be important information shared that you want to keep as a record for the future.

So if you miss to record your call, you can never access the valuable details or ideas shared in the call if you need it one day.

So How Can You Record Your Conference Calls?

The good news is, it is very easy. You don’t need any special software or skills. You simply use a conference call service that provides you with this feature for free.

There are many top quality, easy to use services on the web that offer you this important features as a part of their package. Actually most popular web conference services definitely have this option inside.

So whether you want to host your conference online or using normal telephone land lines, you can record all or a part of your call using the feature available in your account.

Just make sure you choose a service provider that offers you this essential feature: Free Conference Call Recording. Otherwise you won’t be able to record your important calls.

Also ask them about the sound quality of the recordings, and how you can download them afterwards. Because you want to make sure everything is great to avoid any unpleasant surprises after you have paid for the service.

How to Edit Conference Call Recordings

When you record your call, there may be some parts you want to edit or remove. It is very easy. You simply use a free or paid audio editing software to edit your call recording.

I personally use Adobe Audition and highly recommend it. But you can also find other free and cheaper audio editing solutions.

Benefit And Methods To Select Telephone Conference Calls

The advancement of technology has given us a new feature of telephone conference calls. This service is needed much for businesses. This service plays an important role in established and successful business and new business getting started from scratch. This is an effective feature provided by the service provider to perform domestic and international audio conference at ease. It helps to increase the development of the business allowing the user to communicate with their domestic and international clients and customers. The service can be used anywhere at any time without any difficulty. Apart from business, it is also used for residential purposes for similar reasons. Let us see the important steps that need to be followed to successfully install and use the service.

Selecting best Telephone audio conference Service Provider

Nowadays, there are many providers are offering the conference call services. Telephone providers offer this service to all their customers. Therefore, you do not have to worry in finding the best appropriate provider. However, it is important to make sure the service provider you choose offers the best services and features. So, be wise in selecting a better provider for the special service.

Benefits of Telephone Conference Calls

If you have bought the services for domestic or official purpose, it is important to know the benefits of the service to utilize it to the best. Using the service in the appropriate manner, you will be able to make the most out of it. Few providers offer conference calls up to 96 numbers. These are widely used by companies for communication with offshore locations. This makes the communication easier and simpler for employers.

The main advantage of the conference calls is it allows people to meet up and have conversation any anywhere at any time. With better features and facilities, the communication between the employer and employee increased helping to increase the workflow and gain potential profits. The advancement in communication has also plays an important role in increasing the clientele. The necessity of the conference call services becomes vital especially when you try to expand the business.

Telephone audio conference a Real Time Saver

Conference calls are made accessible for people to call in from any location and converse since lines are open to numerous people. These conversations were possible only in a single location earlier. Nowadays, these are made accessible from any part of the world saving a lot of time for potential business. Teleconference and video conference has made life easier for numerous businesses and educational institutes. Today, meetings can be held in Canada while participants sit in the US and actively take part in the meetings especially on the Q&A sessions. Video Conferencing calls have made life easier for various organizations.

Telephone conference calls are the cheapest way to communicate with multiple people at the same time irrespective to their location. It less cost-efficient and best communication method for home based workers as well. All the tele-service providers in the country offer these services. Therefore, be wise in selecting an appropriate provider.

Conference Call Etiquette: Tips for Success

Everybody knows how informal a phone call can be, especially these days when almost everybody has a phone with them most of the time. Many individuals likely find themselves rushing through their phone calls because they hardly have enough time to make the call, but this can be a dangerous mistake when it comes to business phone calls. There is a certain level of etiquette required to display professionalism, an absolute necessity in good business practices.

That same level of etiquette is required when making conference calls, but there are also some additional rules that should be regarded. Conferences are often used to form and close business deals so professionalism takes on a whole new level of importance. By having your business managers, associates, and colleagues follow a few basic etiquette rules, you can look forward to professional and successful conference meetings.

• Be Clear About Who Is Present – Due to the fact the people attending a conference call cannot be seen, it can be difficult to determine who is present in a meeting. Not only may some people feel they don’t receive credit for being at a meeting, but it can also make it difficult to communicate effectively.

In addition there may be certain privacy issues if everyone in a conference is not aware of each other. To avoid any problems it is important for everyone in a conference call meeting to introduce themselves. In addition, it will be beneficial to provide a list for each of the attendees stating who is scheduled to be present.

• Be Clear About the Time and Do Not Make Any Last Minute Changes – It is important for everyone attending a conference call meeting to be on time. Obviously this is difficult if the time of the meeting frequently changes or if others end up with last minute obligations that prevent them from attending.

To avoid any issues with timing it is important to schedule meetings well in advance. In addition, reminders should be periodically sent to attendees to ensure everyone is thoroughly informed of the scheduling. Certain programs feature a reminder option in their systems.

• Try to Overcome Language Barriers Prior to a Conference Call – Often those in business find themselves attending conference calls with colleagues overseas. In these cases there may be certain language barriers that must be considered, and this should be done prior to holding a conference call.

Whether your group decides to use a translator or you plan to translate through the internet, it is important to address this issue before you are in an actual meeting. And be sure not attempt a word you do not know because you do not want to offend your colleagues from overseas.

How professional you are says a lot about your business, and professionalism shows in the etiquette you maintain on a conference call. Using a free conferencing program is easy but maintaining proper manners can be a bit more complicated. As long as you keep in mind these tips for your next conference call, you will be ready to go.

Best Way to Hold a Free Conference Call

There are lots of ways to benefit from free conference calls services. However the problematic part is to decide which service is appropriate for your personal requirements. With telephone conference calls you can get in touch with people that require information, but you might necessitate more all-embracing services for example, web conferencing or video conferencing.

No matter which way you choose, there are numerous free conference call options that can arrange all together for you to obtain information, to keep your business progressing well. Conference calls will make conferencing process more special than just receiving a written statement about the information that necessitates to be covered.

If you are invited to take part in a conference call, then you will see that it will be a free conference call for you all the time, as the host will be the one paying for it. In most cases, the service itself is free, so all that one has to pay for is the long distance payments that would operate for any standard phone call. You will get a toll-free number to call when you are asked to join in a conference call and you will be explained there about how to get started. It’s a very easy process and everyone can deal with it, without any trouble.

Free conference calls process can as well let you get direct action on something. If there is a problem in production for one of your companies, you can straight away arrange a meeting, in preference to waiting for their arrival or yours in their town to solve problems. This will save your precious time, as a result of the problem being solved straight away. But there is a little problem that appears in this occurrence. When there are many participants in the meeting, it becomes difficult to get them all there personally in that same period of time.

In today’s reality more and more individuals are applying for free conference calls. The customers of free conference calls can’t be considered a majority up till now. Still, the good news is that individuals using the software are increasing day by day. Because of the accessibility of internet connection it is really simple to use this type of software. Everyone in any location of the world can benefit now from free conference calls. Yet, there are again many individuals who have not yet utilized this new method of communication, mainly the older generations.

If you haven’t yet availed this service, than take your time and act. Discover on your own, how free conference call service can help your own business company. You might find out that it is the exact service you have been waiting for so as to certainly get things moving in the right direction. As your business gets bigger, you will discover that free conference calls turns into more of a necessity for you than a handiness. Try your best to get that option for free so you are able to pay as little as possible for the level of advantages that turns up with it.

Video Conference – A Means of Modern Communication

A video conference is an interactive set of programs that allow people from different locations to interact with each other through audio and video in real time. It cannot be used interchangeably with video phone calls, as it is supposed to be a group conference not among individuals alone.

The purpose of a video conference is usually to connect a group of people together in a meeting via audio and video technologies that allow them to talk and see each other as if they were in one room, except they are actually in different locations.

Videoconferencing is also used for announcements, sharing documents and displaying information on each other’s screens. This is useful for people who are working together as it makes communicating with each other so much easier.

The rapid technological advancement in the whole world has led to these kinds of methods of communication. Although simple video conferencing has been established since the television was invented, it was usually only available to those who had access to it. An example of an earlier version of a video conference is the use of two radio frequency links by NASA to communicate with each other during space flights.

Globalization has led to more technological advancements in the field of communication, allowing even just small companies or people at home to have access to video conferencing technologies. Now, all you need to conduct a video conference is a computer, a headset with a microphone, a web cam and, of course, the Internet. The Internet has become a major venue for people in different cities, countries and continents to connect with each other without having to make a phone call or send letters through mail.

More and more people have access to high speed Internet because it doesn’t cost as much as it used to. As a result of this, people are able to communicate with each other through different means, using the Internet as a venue for communication.

It has also become easier for large multinational companies to function because of this technology. They can use video conferencing to conduct meetings, give instructions to employees, as well as share and receive information with just a click of a button and only a few minutes, depending on how big the file is.

Even families and friends who are far apart from each other can use video conference as a tool to get in touch with each other without having to spend so much money on international and long distance phone calls.

There are several programs in the Internet that allow people to conduct a video conference for free. Perhaps the most popular of all is Skype, as it gives users the chance to talk to each other for free, provided that it is limited to Internet calls.

Even programs like Yahoo Messenger and websites like Google give Internet users the chance to talk to each other with the use of web cams. Video calls and video conference are increasing in popularity as more and more people are now able to access the Internet.

Save Money Through Audio and Web Conferencing

The advantage of audio and web conferencing is that you can effectively and conveniently communicate with all your global clients as well as your employees. In certain cases a face-to-face meeting is essential but the travel expenses are relatively high and therefore any wise business man will look for another alternative that will help cut costs.

An audio conference has some different features compared to the web conferencing. The audio conference allows people to communicate through a phone setup where the participants are able to have a virtual meeting to discuss their business issues. The only cost the company incurs is the cost of setting up the teleconference which is considerably low in comparison to the travel expenses that would cost the company.

A web conference involves an internet connection and a room specifically set up for discussions. The setup also costs very little so the company does not have to worry about spending large sums of money on this innovative technology. The setup is very basic you just need a web cam and a visual display screen that is connected and board rooms are usually the best places to setup and hold a conference. The advantage a web conference has over an audio conference is that you can actually see the people you are conversing with the help of a display screen.

Every intelligent businessman is always looking to cut costs and using these types of technologies is one way of reducing costs, furthermore you can also connect with friends and relatives. An audio conference or web conference can also help you get a new client therefore it is definitely worth the investment. The set up is fairly low and with a high number of providers in the market it is fairly easy to find a type of conference that is within your budget and one that will help you cut on the extra overhead saving the business an ample amount of money on travel costs. The only time the business may choose to send a representative is only when it is really necessary.

Conference Venues in London

London is considered to be the financial capital of Europe. It is an international networking hub and is perceived as global business centre. It offers meeting and conferences in world-class ambience in order to provide with smooth business flow. Some of the best conference venues situated at different directions of London are listed below:

Friends House is a historical conference venue. It offers an enormous range of meeting rooms and huge conference halls. It is located in central London, where everything seems to be very warm and friendly. It is located at an area that is well-served by local bus and tube services. It has a welcoming ambience that is suitable for delegates from all sorts of corporations.

ExCel London is considered to be an award-winning venue for meetings, conferences, exhibitions and events. It is expected to provide with brand new meeting and conventional facilities that shall be announced very soon in 2010. The venue has enough space to accommodate any conference ranging from 20 to 20,000+ delegates.

Broadway House is another conference venue that has a variety of conference, meeting and private dining facilities. It is considered to be ideal for seminars and training courses. Conferences are also included in the list. It is a well-equipped hotel that has well-conditioned meeting and syndicate rooms. It provides with self-contained conference suites for up to 100 delegates that are facilitated with computer controlled audio visual systems. These equipments have integrated PowerPoint, DVD and video-conferencing software and programs.

Kensington Conference and Events Centre offers sufficient services, technology and professional management in order to assure smooth running of a conference. This is counted as one of the largest venues in central London.

Hammersmith is a meeting venue that offers a variety of meeting and training facilities. Park Crescent Conference Centre is another conference centre that is located opposite Regents Park. It is considered to be an ideal location for conferences, exhibitions and training purposes. It can be accommodated with small events like seminar rooms. It can facilitate delegates ranging from 12 to 300 individuals.

Trafalgar Events is a stimulating innovative conference and events venue. It is situated in central London by the Trafalgar Square. It is an ideal conference venue that meets all the requirements and hospitality. It has extremely professional services and has satisfactory customer reception. Meeting Venues at 60 Cannon Street impart excellent conferencing amenities on the 5th floor of this striking building, located in the heart of the City of London. The venue benefits from improbable views of St Paul cathedral and the London Eye.

The Business Design Centre is one of the largely exhilarating conference venues of London. It is considered to have an impressive auditorium. It is facilitated with raked seating and integrated audio systems. It has an extension of 9 rooms that have the capacity to accommodate from 5 to 1500 delegates. It is installed with flexible acoustic screens that are permitted with extreme flexibility.

Liberty League International Review

Liberty League has been a pioneer in the growth of the direct sales industry but their future was cut short a bit by a review of the Arizona Attorney General. Although the Attorney General’s review showed that they were a legitimate network marketing company, the actions allowed their competitors to spin it on the web and make it out worse than it was. As a result of the Attorney General’s actions, Liberty League was labeled as a scam.

The facts are that Liberty League is primarily a personal development product. They offer three products:

o Beyond Freedom a 90 day personal development home study course retails at $1,500.00.

o The second product is the Liberty conference. This is a 3 day conference for two people which retails at $7,995.00.

o The final product is the Summit conference. A five-day event held annually at locations around globe, such as Rome, South Africa and Australia with a retail price of $12,995.00.

The questions I had to ask are what I repeat in all my trainings is that would you buy the product if there wasn’t a business opportunity attached to it? Well to answer that let’s look at the products:

o The Beyond Freedom course is basically the book “Think and Grow Rich” packaged with workbooks and CD’s. If you bought the book, you would basically get the same information.

o No marketing system exists for the distributors to plug into for their contact lead management.

o They charge a monthly fee for corporate replicated websites which can’t be optimized for internet marketing purposes.

o They are one of the few companies that require their associates to pay for access to training and presentation conference lines.

o No internet marketing systems are included in the first year’s fees of $2,722.00

Most people familiar with Liberty League International’s seminars agree that the information provided by the company is true and sound, it is also true that you can obtain that information from some of the best books written and available at the book store.

While Liberty League falls short on some of this writer’s criteria for a network marketing business, from what I could research people were thrilled with the seminars. I know that group interaction with this type of information can be powerful and create life changing experiences. People tend to need people, and sometimes a book just can’t suffice!